is designed with three components.
  1. The back end is managed by NHSAA to enroll participating schools and manage the overall site. The District Administration section is where you, as a school representative, will be able to post job openings, search résumé files, and maintain an archive of common listings.
  2. The general website is where candidates searching for education jobs in New Hampshire will find you. Benefits of the system include the ability to control your own listings (including security to prevent tampering by applicants and other employers), the amount of information included, the length of time each listing runs, and the ability to archive frequently used listings for future use. The system is unique with its automated notification feature, which will notify you when an applicant, who has stored a résumé in the database, is qualified for an open position in your school. In addition, applicants have the ability to search for new positions matching his/her criteria anywhere in the state, free of charge.
  3. You will have a level of security. This security permits you, as your organization’s designated contact, to enter, modify, archive, and delete your listings, as well as perform searches for qualified candidates. This feature requires a login and password that should be restricted to your human resources personnel who normally manage your job listings and personnel files.
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