Superintendent of the year 2020

Mr. Mark MacLean

Mr. Mark MacLean named 2020 New Hampshire Superintendent of the Year

The New Hampshire School Administrators Association, in coordination with the American Association of School Administrators, has announced that Mr. Mark MacLean is the New Hampshire Superintendent of the Year for 2020.  Mr. MacLean, Superintendent of Schools for the Merrimack Valley and Andover School Districts (SAU #46) will receive a special award during the AASA National Conference on Education in San Diego, CA in February 2020.

     Mark was selected for this honor by a panel of his peers and from a distinguished group of nominees.  Seelye Longnecker, Merrimack Valley School Board Chair, said "Mark's greatest strength as a superintendent is his skill as a communicator.  He represents Merrimack Valley School District masterfully as an ambassador in the community and an advocate for public education in the State of New Hampshire."

     Dean Baker, Andover School Board Chair , remarked "Mark is extremely responsive to all corners of the school community.  Communications from student and staff and board members and community-at-large members are answered very quickly and respectfully."  Lorrie Casey, SAU #46 Board Chair, stated that "Mark is a strategist who works to achieve SAU goals so all district students can feel included and transition well from one school district to the next."  

     Mark's educational background includes a Bachelor of Science from the University of New Hampshire; a Master of Science from New Hampshire College; and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) from Plymouth State University.  He is currently enrolled in a Doctoral Program at Plymouth State University focusing on Educational Leadership.  Mark started his administrative career as the Dean of Academics for the Hudson School District, and then became Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Kearsarge Regional School District.  Mark became Superintendent of Schools for SAU #46 in 2014, where he remains today.

     Mark currently serves as a Governing Board member of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA); is an Executive Board member of The New Hampshire School Administrators Association (NHSAA); and serves as the Chairperson for the NHSAA Legislative Committee.

     Mark attributes part of his success to being the seventh of nine children and needing to find unique ways to stand out in a large family, whether it was through athletics or academics, Mark's supportive and long suffering spouse, Kelly; two wonderful children, Olivia and Camden; and their eccentric dog, Baxter, round out the nuclear clan.  As a former computer instructor, and self-avowed risk-taker, Mark feels comfortable in both the analytical and creative worlds.  His passion for innovation and creativity provides a mindset for continual growth, not only for himself but for his staff and his students.

     Dr. Carl Ladd, Executive Director of The New Hampshire School Administrators Association stated " Mark is an outstanding representive of the many school superintendents in our state who work everyday in support of public education.  He is a stong and vigorous advocate for students and their families, and he is truly a Champion for Children."