South East Regional Winner

Kimberly Molin is a true supporter of the children and educators of the Seabrook area.  From supporting and coordinating a lunch program at Barnard School, to providing snacks and refreshments for budget meetings, treats for Teacher Appreciation, she demonstrates the true qualities of a leader and promoter of a positive role model.

            Ronna Cadarette, Assistant Superintendent of SAU #21, said, “Kimberly Molin exudes "champion" in everything that she does - a breathing manifestation of NHSAA principles. Kim hos dedicated her life to children beyond her own three. There is not a task that she hasn't willingly done for the children South Hampton and Amesbury High School: trunk-or-treat, delivering Friday lunches, chaperoning every known field trip, and always nurturing. This year concludes her 11th on the three-member School Board, and 10th as PTO Officer/Member. There are 950 people in the entire town, and Kim knows them all. She cultivates on inclusive culture of care and kindness - a champion for children.”

            Barnard PTA Vice-President, Sharon Gordon, commented, “Kim is a gracious leader in our community. She goes out of her way to welcome new families and encourages fresh ideas from new volunteers to keep our school and community vibrant. She is wonderful inspiration: a teacher, and enjoys passing on responsibilities to willing volunteers and PTA members. Kim has such a beautiful way of handing over the reigns but being supportive at the same time. She is an amazing example for the kids at Barnard.”

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