South Central Regional Winner

In addition to serving as a diligent and thoughtful member of the Hudson School Board for 9 years, Patty Langlais has given countless additional hours to the children of Hudson. She has been instrumental in Class Act, a community theater program for Hudson youth, tirelessly giving of her time and talents in supervising scene making, arranging and repairing costumes, arranging fund raisers, and feeding cast and crew on long rehearsal nights.

            Assistant Superintendent, Mary E. Wilson said, “Patty is the guardian angel to Hudson families that feel their voices are not heard and advocates tirelessly so there is equity of services of contractors and companies that operate outside of the school district's control. For example, she paid for an adult to help a wheelchair bound student in a private after school care that would not take the child into the program until the wrong was righted.”

            Lee M. Lavoie, Hudson School Board Vice-Chair, noted, “Patty is one of those behind-the-scenes people. Not only does she donate hundreds of hours, she is also the first one to donate financially. It may be setting up concessions stands for a Unified Theater event, serving hot chocolate at our cardboard sled races, providing liability insurance for a non­profit event, painting scenes for our school theater program, setting up a candy bar at the Unified Prom, or being on the advisory committee for early childhood education at Alvirne High School.”

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