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nhsaa membership

New Hampshire School Administrators Association (NHSAA) is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation dedicated to providing the best possible public education for the children of New Hampshire. 

Active members can access the "Members Only"  section of the website by signing into your online portal and accessing your Digital Library.

Membership in NHSAA is open to any school system administrator in New Hampshire. The membership includes superintendents of schools, assistant superintendents, school business officials, special education directors, curriculum coordinators and other system administrators.

Eligible members can review and print forms under our "Member Services" tab and then by clicking "Membership Renewal Forms." All membership forms are available to print and view. 

Our brochure describes the member services offered by NHSAA ~ NHSAA Brochure 2022-23

Our success as an organization is, in large part, the result of the extra efforts and support of our members. On behalf of all members of our organization and the children of New Hampshire, thank you for your contributions and ongoing support. When we work together, we continue to be Champions for Children.

student sERVICES center membership

NHSAA's Student Support Center (SSC) offers services that support, inform and enable your work in the area of special education and provide an independent voice on behalf of New Hampshire school districts.

Active members can access the "Members Only"  section of the website by signing into your online portal and accessing your Digital Library..

~Membership is offered to public school districts in New Hampshire ~ 

The SSC provides advocacy and technical assistance to New Hampshire school districts regarding the implementation of special education programs and services. In part, Jennifer Pomykato, the director of the center, advocates for all member school districts by acting as: 

  • A knowledgeable resource on IDEA laws, rules and decisions

  • A representative for each member on various statewide and regional committees

  • A monitor of actions by federal and state agencies in the promulgation of rules and laws, including legislative study committees for RSA 186-C

  • A regular communicator with special education school attorneys who represent school districts, in order to share information, resources and build support for members

  • A clearinghouse of information on hearing officer or court decisions

  • A resource of best practices designed to solve and/or prevent problems

  • The designer and implementer of a technology based system of communication to and between
    designated representatives of the member districts

  • A researcher and analyzer of important special education issues for all members

  • A support to the Executive Director of NHSAA with special projects

Member school districts receive, at a minimum, the following services or products:

  • Access by telephone and/or email to consultation regarding a local problem or question

  • Weekly email updates on issues of common concern

  • Examples of model policies and procedures on special education

  • Research and problem-solving, with executive summaries for members on timely topics

  • Access to a rich website full of important resources

  • Monitoring of new federal and state laws, rules and procedures and updates to members

school administrator policy & leadership center (saplc)

Out of a desire to provide enhanced communication to public school administrators, and to respond to a need voiced by many of our members over the past several years, NHSAA created SAPLC, specifically to assist busy and often overwhelmed school administrators with timely and useful information.

This fee-based center is available to all public school administrators who work in member districts and are not eligible to be full members of NHSAA. The SAPLC provides access to a moderated listserv that would allow members to:

  • Receive weekly updates from NHSAA on policy and legislative initiatives that affect public education and would have direct policy and practical implications for members’ schools and staffs;

  • Be given timely alerts to contact legislators on pending legislation;

  • Discuss policy and practical implications with other members focused on their issues and concerns;

  • Receive information directly from NHSAA regarding professional development opportunities that focus on key leadership topics as well as being offered special opportunities for aspiring leaders.

It is our belief that school administrators will benefit from participation in this service through their ability to have important information in a timely manner that is both easy to access and readily available when members need it.

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