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Frequently Asked Questions


Experiencing difficulties signing onto Edjobs portal?  Please be sure you are using this address:


Are you receiving an error message when trying to post a job?


Try refreshing your browser and clearing your history.  This often corrects the problem.

I have refreshed my screen and cleared my history but am still unable to sign on.

If able, please try switching to a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc).

After copying and pasting I am not able to post my job listing.

Unfortunately, at times the system is very particular about using copy and paste.  Please try inputting the information again, without using copy and paste.

My job posting is not showing up on EDjobs?  What do I do?

Please go into your Edjobs portal and look at the job posting.  Please be sure to look at the start/end date, do not leave blank.  Also be sure that all required fields have been completed.

Please take a look at our instruction manual for EdjobsNH by clicking HERE

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