• Granite State Leadership Academy - Cohort IV
    NHSAA is pleased to offer a Fourth Cohort of the Granite State Leadership Academy for aspiring leaders. The Granite State Leadership Academy is designed specifically for those aspiring leaders who are ready and willing to accept the challenges of the principalship and/or superintendency.  
    In the past, the NH Department of Education partnered with us to offer this outstanding leadership opportunity by offering dedicated Title II-A Reallocation Funds. Unfortunately, the Department is not able to dedicate funds specifically for the program. However, GSLA has been approved by the NH State Board of Education as a leadership program and is an allowable project. 
    Districts who choose to support aspiring leaders are urged to consider submitting Title II-A Reallocation grants, using a portion of their Title I or Title II-A allocations, or accessing district funds through tuition reimbursement or other professional development line items. It is our goal to continue to build this worthwhile and proven leadership development program.
    With an ever shrinking pool of highly qualified candidates in critical areas, we need to work together collectively to create a leadership pipeline across the state. We hope to attract candidates from all five regions of the state who are eager to be part of the next generation of NH educational leaders.
    As we all know from our own experiences, in order to have high quality educational systems we need high quality leaders at all levels. We also know that it is not enough to complete a degree program and gain certification - we need to marry theory and practical application more seamlessly in order to be better prepared for the rigors of leadership in today’s learning environment. That is the goal of the Leadership Academy - to take the theoretical, ground it in practical application, and then provide direct coaching to those who move into leadership positions. 
    We have partnered with Southern New Hampshire University to provide the academic and practical experience foundation for their state approved CAGS program leading to Superintendent Certification. This program has been certified by the State Board of Education as an approved CAGS program. This is a first of its kind for NHSAA and SNHU, and we are looking forward to helping aspiring leaders move forward with a high quality, low cost pathway for school districts and leaders to move toward the superintendency.  
    The fourth GSLA cohort will begin in the Fall of 2019 and the application process is now open. We hope that you will consider supporting an outstanding aspiring leader to join this continuing cohort - someone with a passion for high quality educational opportunities for all children, the drive to overcome obstacles and succeed, a willingness to take on the unique and challenging responsibilities of a building principal or district superintendent, and a desire to be a true Champion for Children. 
    Please note that we have streamlined the process this year. Anyone may submit an application but will need a letter from their current superintendent and a confirmation of financial support. We hope that this will expedite the application and approval process. 
    The deadline for application submission is Friday, March 29, 2019.