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 2023 Outstanding Service Award Recipient
Mike Bessette.JPG

Kearsarge Regional School District

Assistant Superintendent Michael Bessette

has been named the recipient of NHSAA's

2023 Outstanding Service Award.

(Photo Courtesy Michael Bessette)

CONCORD — The New Hampshire School Administrators Association announces that Kearsarge Regional School District Assistant Superintendent Michael Bessette is the recipient of NHSAA's 2023 Outstanding Service Award.

Bessette has served as Assistant Superintendent for seven years. Prior to his arrival at Kearsarge, he had a distinguished career as a school administrator and principal in the Hopkinton, Timberlane, and Derry School Districts.

The award is given to an outstanding New Hampshire school system leader who is not a Superintendent of Schools. The recognized individual is someone who works to improve district educational programs and/or services, contributes to workplace climate and high morale, anticipates emerging problems and acts to resolve them, and demonstrates professional growth and involvement.

"I am honored to have served the students of New Hampshire's public schools. New Hampshire's public schools offer students the critical skills, content, and competencies necessary to prepare them for college and career readiness. There is nothing more professionally rewarding for me personally than to assist students seeking to achieve their educational goals," said Bessette. "In doing so, I have been truly honored to work in support of so many exceptional teachers, administrators, support staff, and communities who share that same belief."

Bessette was nominated for this honor by a panel of his peers and selected from a distinguished group of nominees. Among Bessette's recommendations for the award was Superintendent of Kearsarge Regional School District Winfried Feneberg.

"Michael's contributions to the Kearsarge Regional School District have been numerous, significant, and impactful," said Superintendent Feneberg. "While the list of Michael's accolades could expand much beyond the available space, this nomination truly is about his dedication to student welfare and learning, educational quality in the district and the state at large, commitment to public service, and the deep joy and satisfaction he experiences when his contributions support the common good. Michael is an outstanding public educator."

School Board Chair Ken Bartholomew and Simonds School Principal Tim Stokes also recommended Bessette for the award, noting his deep commitment to and passion for public education, his unparalleled leadership abilities, and his supportive nature toward both students and staff.

"Michael has demonstrated true leadership, grounded in evidence-based research, that has allowed him to gain the trust and respect of the Superintendent, Winfried Feneberg, and the entire school board and district leadership team," said Bartholomew. "Michael's professionalism and level of dedication to our students' educational, social, and emotional experiences stand out. I believe Michael's work has been exemplary."

"I have known Michael for the past 20 years in multiple roles, including my building principal, assistant superintendent, and above all, colleague and friend. During that time, Michael has proven himself time and again as a champion of public education and a leader focused on student learning and achievement," Stokes said. "As a building leader, I strive to live up to the example that he has created these past 20 years."

Jerry Frew, Associate Executive Director of The New Hampshire School Administrators Association, stated that “Michael is an outstanding example of the dedicated and hard-working system leaders throughout New Hampshire who work tirelessly on behalf of students, families, and staff. The communities of SAU #65, and our profession, are both fortunate to be the beneficiaries of Michael's talents and commitment to public education."

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