2018 Outstanding Service Award Recipient

Mrs. Donna Palley



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Donna Palley

Assistant Superintendent, SAU #08

NHSAA is pleased to announce Ms. Donna Palley, Assistant Superintendent for the Concord School District, SAU #8, as the 2018 Outstanding Service Award winner.

The NHSAA Outstanding Service Award was instituted in 1994 as an important form of recognition for the exceptional work of system educational leaders who are not superintendents of schools. Annually, members are invited to nominate colleagues for consideration by the selection committee. The judging committee uses criteria that include the individual's contribution to the educational achievement of his or her SAU, organizational improvement, initiative, professional growth, and service to public education.

For over thirty years, Donna has worked for the Concord School District, embodying many different roles, most recently serving as Assistant Superintendent for the past seven years. Donna has held other positions within the district, beginning as a Special Educator, then as District in Need of Improvement Director. She has also chaired curriculum committees and other initiatives throughout the district.

One significant improvement that Donna has been noted for is the new report card system that she and a team of educators from SAU #8 designed and implemented in 2016. Reflecting on this initiative, Chris Demers, Concord School District’s Assessment Coordinator, remarked, “Her work on the report card exemplifies Donna’s ability to tackle a project, no matter how unwieldy it may be, without losing sight of how the work complements other efforts and reflects the Concord School District’s mission and vision. Donna demonstrates an almost superhuman ability to keep one eye on the big picture while rolling up her sleeves to tackle the tough work needed to make things happen.”

Concord School District Superintendent Terri Forsten stated, “Donna works in a position that is multi-faceted as she supports teaching and learning in our schools. She lives our vision that all students develop a passion for learning, experience excellence in their lives and believe that they have the ability to shape the future of their lives and communities. Donna believes in this vision for our students, for our faculty and for our community.”

Donna resides in Concord with her husband Steven. She plays the fiddle in an all-women fiddle band, and also enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with her three grown children, their significant others and her grandchild.

All members of the New Hampshire School Administrators Association join in congratulating Donna on her outstanding leadership and work on behalf of SAU #8 and the state of New Hampshire.