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2023 champions for children

New Hampshire School Administrators Association

2023 Champions for Children Awards

For distinguished public service to benefit children in New Hampshire


The New Hampshire School Administrators Association (NHSAA), a non-profit corporation dedicated to

improving the quality of education for public school children, has established a CHAMPIONS FOR CHILDREN

award program to recognize New Hampshire citizens who have given distinguished public service to benefit

children. The NHSAA organization includes New Hampshire Superintendents of Schools, Assistant

Superintendents, School Business Officials, Special Education Directors, and other school system administrators.



1. Each nominee for the NHSAA CHAMPIONS FOR CHILDREN award must embody, through action, the

beliefs in the NHSAA CHAMPIONS FOR CHILDREN policy (listed below).

2. The nominee must live or work in New Hampshire

3. The nominee must be initially selected by NHSAA members in an SAU

4. NHSAA members or their families are not eligible for the award

5. School board members and school staff are eligible for this award for extraordinary service to children that

is above and beyond their normal responsibilities. Nominees who are Board members or employees are

more than excellent in their roles. Their nomination shall reflect unique and special service that, on a

voluntary basis, champions the cause for children. School Board members and school staff are not eligible

for this award as a result of their normal service.



You may nominate more than one person, but we ask that you use a separate form for each nominee. Please

summarize your nominee’s activities in one hundred (100) words or less on that form. Support materials (letters,

newspaper articles, your own thoughts, etc.) may be attached. Each nomination must be accompanied by three

letters of reference. Please note that we do not accept faxed nominations.

You may access the form by clicking the PDF button below


 1.BY FEBRUARY 24, 2023 each SAU’s NHSAA members may select a nominee. The nomination form and

attachments must be sent to the NHSAA Regional Chairperson. The SAU administrators will determine

how to honor the SAU CHAMPION. NHSAA will provide a certificate to each SAU champion.

2. BY MARCH 31, 2023 each Regional Chairperson will select the REGIONAL CHAMPION. We suggest

each chairperson appoint two other members of the region, from different SAUs, to work with him/her to

select the REGIONAL CHAMPION FOR CHILDREN. We suggest each region invite their CHAMPION to

a breakfast or luncheon.

3.BY APRIL 11, 2023 the Committee of Judges, having received the letters about the five regional champions,

will select the STATE CHAMPION FOR CHILDREN who will be honored by NHSAA at a state-wide

event scheduled for MAY 19, 2023. All regional winners will receive a plaque at that event.

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