New Hampshire School Administrators Association
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NHSAA’s Special Education Support Center provides advocacy and technical assistance to NH school districts regarding the implementation of special education programs and services. In part, the Director of the Center advocates for all member school districts by acting as:

  • A knowledgeable resource on IDEA laws, rules and decisions
  • A representative for each member on various statewide and regional committees, including, but not limited to, the Joint Committee on IDEA Regulations
  • A monitor of actions by federal and state agencies in the promulgation of rules and laws, including legislative study committees for RSA 186-C
  • A regular communicator with special education school attorneys who represent school districts, in order to share information, resources and build support for members
  • A clearinghouse of information on hearing officer or court decisions
  • A resource of best practices designed to solve and/or prevent problems
  • The designer and implementer of a technology based system of communication to and between designated representatives of the member districts
  • A researcher and analyzer of important special education issues for all members
  • A support to the Executive Director of NHSAA with special projects

  • Special Education Support Center
  • Introduction

  • Advantages to Participating NH School Districts

  • NHSAA-Special Education Support Center’s Director

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