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  NH Legislature
  Check a bill in the New Hampshire Legislature
    You can check a current bill in front of the legislature by using this link to the state website. If you know the bill number, choose “quick bill search” as your best option; if you know the topic but not the bill number you can use the advanced bill search window. Once you locate your desired bill, you can check its progress through the approval process by choosing the “docket” button. This will show the reader the current status of the bill and its history. In addition, you can review the wording of the bill by choosing “bill text” button. It is important to remember that when the phrase “As introduced” follows the title the wording is identical to the original version of the bill. ‘As Amended” implies changed wording and “Final Version” means the wording signed into law.
  Check a Department of Education Administrative Rule
    You may check a State Board of Education Administrative Rule (regulation or standard) by clicking on this link. Then select Administrative Rules and Table of Contents.
  Contact your Legislator (House and/or Senate)
    This link provides access information to your legislator.
  Check a NH Law (RSA)
    You may check a NH Education Law (Revised Statute Annotated - RSA) by clicking on this link and then, Title XV: Education which includes Chapters 186-200-L. Another Title of importance is Title III: Towns, Village Districts and Unincorporporated Places which includes Chapters 31-53-E.
  Voting Records
  House Committees
  Check on NH Department of Education - Technical Advisories
  Senate Committees
  Contact Governor Hassan